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When you lose a family member or a loved one, there is so much emotional healing and processing that needs to be done – the last thing you want to do is deal with probate and lawyers. Unfortunately, this is something that has to be done. We have been helping people with their probate and trust settlement needs for decades, and we are here to help you. Whether you’re trying to get your own estate in order, or you’ve lost someone and need help with their estate, the probate and trust settlement attorneys in Golden can help. Contact us today at (303) 420-2863 or contact us online to set up a free initial interview.

What Can a Golden Probate & Trust Settlement Lawyer Do for You?

Probate is complicated, and it can be time-consuming to deal with someone’s estate. That’s what an experienced lawyer is available for. When you hire the right probate and trust settlement attorney, they can help you with the following tasks:

1. Identifying & Safeguarding Estate Property

When a loved one passes away, it’s essential to figure out what they own and what they wanted to be done with their assets. Did they have a will? Did they leave any instructions? Who is their personal representative? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, an experienced lawyer can help you find the answers.

2. Identifying Heirs

Another critical aspect of dealing with a loved one’s estate is identifying all possible heirs. It’s essential to get their names, phone numbers, and addresses. This is something your attorney can assist you with.

3. Identifying Creditors

If you’ve been named the personal representative of your loved one’s estate, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all creditors and debts are identified and that they are paid accordingly. There’s usually a hierarchy of which creditors get paid off first. If you don’t follow the rules, you could be held personally accountable. An experienced attorney can make sure you handle this properly so you avoid any legal disputes over your loved one’s estate.

4. Resolving Disputes

Ideally, when someone passes away, their life would be celebrated, and their assets would be passed on according to their wishes. Unfortunately, there are often disputes about who is entitled to what. If the parties involved cannot reach an agreement, it might be necessary to get a lawyer involved.

5. Taxes

Anytime you are dealing with a loved one’s estate, there are going to be tax implications. Tax rules change often, and if you aren’t familiar with them, you could end up with a significant financial penalty if you don’t correctly pay any taxes that are due.

6. Seeking Conservatorship/Guardianship

If you’re in a position where your loved one has not passed yet, but they are incapacitated or otherwise unable to make decisions for themselves, you may need to seek a conservatorship, which gives you the power to handle their financial affairs. Alternatively, you might need to seek guardianship, which would provide you with control over other personal decisions unrelated to their financials.

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If you recently lost a loved one, or you’re just making sure that all of your affairs are in order for your estate, the Golden estate planning lawyers at Colorado Estate Planning Law Center can help. As you can see, there are many ways in which a probate and trust settlement attorney can help you. Our goal is to ensure that all of your estate, succession, and asset distribution needs are met. Contact us today at (303) 420-2863 or contact us online to set up a free initial interview.