Denver Divorce Estate Planning Attorney

One of the most overlooked aspects of a divorce case involves decisions regarding your estate plan. It is important to review your estate plan to determine who you wish to receive your assets, who has the power to make health care decisions on your behalf, and other important matters. It is likely that you will want to make changes to your will and other documents to better reflect your new reality. It is important to have an experienced Denver divorce estate planning attorney by your side to help guide you through this process.

At our Colorado estate and business planning firm, our founding attorney, Karen L. Brady, has more than 21 years of experience helping people plan for their family’s future. We can help ensure that your estate plan is up to date and reflects your current wishes. Contact us online or call (303) 420-2863 to find out more about how we can help you.

Updating Your Important Documents Following A Divorce

All too often, people forget to change the beneficiary designations in their wills, insurance policies, and investment accounts following a divorce. This can result in an ex-spouse receiving a large amount of money and/or assets. People also forget to change other important documents such as health care directives, which means an ex-spouse may be left in charge of making medical decisions on your behalf.

When it comes to estate planning and divorce, it is always wise to at least look over your estate plan. With the help of qualified estate planning lawyers, it is relatively easy to make changes and updates that better reflect your current situation and desires.

Working With Blended And Nontraditional Families

It is very important to update your estate plan if you remarry or otherwise become involved in a long-term relationship. This can help ensure that your wishes are carried out when it comes to your children and any stepchildren that may come into your blended family. We have extensive experience working with nontraditional families and can help give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes will be carried out how you see fit.

Contact Our Denver Divorce Estate Planning Attorney For Help Updating Your Estate Plan

If you have gone through a divorce we can help ensure that your estate plan best reflects your current situation. Contact us online or call (303) 420-2863 to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs. From our offices in Arvada, we serve people throughout the greater Denver area.