Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney in Colorado: What to Look For

Planning an estate is an important step. It should be done and reviewed every three to five years. A skilled estate planning lawyer will understand how to ensure that you create an estate plan that most benefits your loved ones. You want the things you have accumulated to go to the right people with the least penalties and taxes. A Colorado estate planning attorney can help.

Top Eight Things to Look for in a Colorado Estate Planning Attorney

When choosing the right estate planning lawyer in Colorado, you will want to ensure they understand your estate goals. The following suggestions will help when finding an attorney to take care of your estate planning needs. The following list gives you an accurate idea of what to look for in a Colorado estate planning attorney.

  1. Experience: An experienced attorney will understand how to handle various cases. This can ensure that they are familiar with the laws and regulations in your state. Because of their experience, you can trust them to provide solid legal advice.
  2. Focus: Attorneys have areas of specialization. Finding one who focuses on the scope of estate planning that you require is important. You will want someone who understands the details of trusts, probate, tax planning, and wills. Speaking to your attorney to ensure they cover the specific scope of expertise you are looking for is helpful.
  3. Communication: An attorney you are comfortable asking questions of and communicating with, who does so without judgment, can ease some of the burdens of estate planning. A lawyer who can address your concerns is crucial.
  4. Professionalism: Reputation matters, and you will want to employ an attorney with a good reputation for being professional and well-respected.
  5. Fees Structure: Some attorneys bill by the hour, and some use a flat fee for their services. Speak to your attorney about how estate planning is billed at their firm.
  6. Proximity: The location of your attorney, and its convenience to you, will determine whether you will put off updates to your estate when needed. Out of sight, out of mind is not a good practice where all your assets are concerned.
  7. Flexibility: As your life changes and you meet new milestones, your estate may also change. A flexible attorney who can adapt your plans when needed and is willing to review and update your estate plan is more important than you think.
  8. Personal Service: There are few matters more personal than planning your estate. Finding someone comfortable working with who understands and wants to help you meet your precise needs and specific goals makes the process much more pleasant.

The Right Colorado Estate Planning Attorney

When choosing an estate planning attorney in Colorado, the guidelines above will lead you to the most qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable attorneys in the state, Brady McFarland & Lord, LLC. We are ready to help you plan your estate and to revise it as needed over time. Contact us today to help you with a concrete plan for your assets that most benefits the people you love.