Sponsoring Jefferson County Triad

Previous posts have touched on Karen’s support of local and global nonprofits. Karen feels strongly about giving back to the community and has always been a vocal supporter, in particular, of her local senior communities. As an attorney emphasizing estate planning, Karen has the privilege of hearing many personal stories from clients about concerns and priorities among the senior citizens of Colorado. Her passion for senior issues is more than just professional, however. Promoting the physical and mental health of senior citizens is important for any healthy community.

At any given time, Karen tries to be involved with at least one local senior-focused nonprofit. Most recently, Karen has sponsored TRIAD‘s Jefferson County chapter. A national organization with over 30 years of experience, TRIAD promotes elder safety and health. The organization promotes the discussion of security topics such as fall safety tips, transportation options, and the prevention of elder abuse.

TRIAD sponsors, among other things, the Senior 911 Cell Phone Project. This project provides cell phones to any senior citizen who does not already own one so that can contact emergency services no matter where they are. Citizens who either believe they could benefit from the program or who have old unused phones to donate can find out more about the program here.

If you or a loved one have concerns about the safety of seniors in your community, your local TRIAD chapter is a great resource. Most of its services focus heavily on the communication and cooperation between local government services, senior citizen non-profits, and the senior community that all these groups serve. Whether you need help with a specific health and safety concern or just want to connect with like-minded citizens, TRIAD can often the be the first step to finding help.