Although Giving Tuesday may officially be over, crowdfunding and charitable giving continue to impact both those who donate and those who benefit from the growing accessibility of online donations. While this may be an unusual topic for this blog, those of us at Law Offices of Karen Brady believe that our impact on our community is just as important as the connections we make with our clients.

One of Karen’s first, or at least most memorable, experiences with crowdfunding was through Kiva, which supports micro loans for entrepreneurs and individuals throughout the world. Over a decade later, Kiva continues to be a powerhouse in the online nonprofit community. In a world where memes grow stale within a matter of days and social media giants can fall overnight, it’s refreshing to see that some leaders of online crowdfunding are still as impactful as ever.

Of course, the constant development of internet trends has generally been a positive practice for the crowdfunding community. Donating online has become easier than ever. Donors no longer even need to look as far as charitable crowdfunding sites like Razoo or Crowdrise. With one click on Facebook, people can set up fundraisers small and large for their favorite nonprofits. For the friends who follow them, contributing to the pages is even easier.

Karen continues to participate in crowdfunding, both for official nonprofits and individuals in need. We hope that you, too, feel the great pleasure that comes from helping others.

Karen first pursued the field of Estate Planning because she enjoys helping people make meaningful, long lasting connections with one another, both within their immediate families and between strangers. In this time of stress and poor weather, it can be heartening to see how easy we as human beings have made it to help each other. Even when crowdfunding isn’t financially feasible, we like to remember that humans are constantly inventing new ways to lift one another up.