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Why Do You Need An Estate Plan?

Everyone can benefit from estate planning. It eases the stress on family and ensures that protections are in place for minor children or a special needs child. Disputes between loved ones can also frequently be avoided. Our estate planning law firm will help you create a tailored solution.

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We’ll help you build a legal solution that meets your family’s unique needs.

At a minimum this usually involves a will. Adding an advance directive or living will shares your wishes about extraordinary care if you are incapacitated.

Our trust and estate lawyer can advise when a trust might be necessary. A special needs trust ensures that a loved one is not disqualified from government benefits. We can also explain the benefits of a life insurance trust including transfer of assets without increasing the size of your taxable estate and control over distributions.

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For more than 21 years, we have helped Colorado families find practical estate planning solutions that accomplish their goals.

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An estate plan can ease an emotionally taxing time as loved ones cope with loss. Get individualized legal advice that can avoid future disputes and put in place the right protections.

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