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March 2016 Archives

Stepchildren and inheritance

Stepparents may wish for their spouse’s children to inherit money, property or other assets. However, unless there is a will in place that specifically states that intent, stepchildren may not automatically receive them.

Estate planning tips for women business owners

With the growth in the nation’s economy, the number of women owned businesses in the United States continues to climb. According to a report published by americanexpress.com, there are more than 9 million businesses owned by women, which accounts for 30 percent of all enterprises across the country.

Divorce, wills and Colorado law

Divorce decrees do more than legally end marriages. They can drastically change the outcome of wills. Jefferson residents who don’t revise their wills and estate plans after divorce could have their estate distributed in ways they do not want.

Digital assets: How can they be addressed in your estate plan?

It's clear that an increasing portion of our lives are now being lived and documented online (you are reading this blog, after all). Most of us have at least one email account, and many of us use social media sites. It's also common to own digital music, often in the form of iTunes downloads.

DNR Orders and Power of Attorney: Preventing Miscommunication in Medical Emergencies

Hospital dramas and police procedurals paint a vivid, but ultimately simplistic, image of emergency hospital care. The heroic doctor knows exactly what diagnosis to make and which actions to take to save the patient's life at the last possible moment. The intrepid nurse helps the patient change their views on mortality and relationships, all because of their competing views on DNR orders. CPR nearly always saves the patient's life. In "The New DNR/ POSLT: The Real Deal on End-of-Life-Wishes," Shay Jacobson and Martha Kern suggest that the reality of DNR is much more complex and controversial. According to Jacobson and Kern, recent changes to DNR documents have greatly reduced the miscommunication caused by DNR, but some questions still remain.

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